Aqua Terra Culinary

A lunch ordering system for web and mobile.


project information

This project required a redesign of the web application for an internal-facing employee dashboard, a consumer-facing interface, and the creation of a mobile application. After experiencing the original consumer-facing website, I determined the new site needed to optimize for usability and understandability. Based off the client’s preferences and budget, the mobile application would be a simplistic extension of the website allowing only for ordering. 


aqua terra culinary


Timeline: 2 months



  • Reduction of steps
  • Clarification of information
  • Optimized for ease and accessibility  

There’s no nutritional information for the meals I’m looking at. Since my child has a nut allergy, I want to be extra careful about what I’m ordering.
— User

wireframe web

I defined pain points of the current web application with a usability test. To revitalize the areas that needed it, I  reorganized the layout to be able to view the important pieces of information easily, and shortened the number of steps in the checkout flow.


wireframe mobile

As a simplified version of the website, the mobile application focuses primarily on viewing the month’s lunch options, selecting, and ordering. 




I utilized a bright and friendly color palette since the lunches were inteded for elementary school children. Even though the main ordering would be done by their parents, the cheerful tones would differentiate it from other functional websites. 



I used the same color palette as the website to carry over into the mobile application. In this example, the parent has two children that he needs to order for. The two children are color coded to ensure each gets the meal that s/he wants.