Persona to Prototype: Adobe Brush Share Feature

Adobe Brush

Adobe recently released a series of mobile applications that compliment the array of Cloud-based software the company creates.  Adobe Brush is one of these apps.  This particular application allows the user to create brushes that s/he can use on either Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator.  I wanted to add a feature that addresses the absence of social sharing in Adobe Brush that would the growth of the already thriving design community.  


Create a feature from persona to prototype for Adobe Brush during a two week design sprint.

Feature: Brush Share

This new feature will allow users to share their brushes on Twitter, Facebook and through email, as well as provide an automatically generated link for the user's recipients to download the brush or save it to his/her Creative Cloud account.  By allowing users to save the file to their Creative Cloud, users will be able to seamlessly use the brush on their desktop Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator.

My Process



After speaking with several designers about their ideas and position on publicly sharing their work, I came up with Bree.

User Stories 

Task Flows

I designed two major task flows: the first outlines Brush Sharing, and the second outlines the process to save a shared brush to the user's Adobe Creative Cloud account. 

Share Brush

Download/Save Brush



UI Sketches



The first wireframe outlines the onboarding process. 

Onboarding Wireframe

The second wireframe outlines the sharing process.

Brush Sharing Wireframe

The final wireframe outlines the download/save-to-cloud flow.

Save to Cloud Wireframe


I created a prototype of Brush Share to test with users. The following demo videos show my prototype in action! 

next steps

I envision that building this share feature would encourage a consistent transfer of ideas and inspiration.  This kind of social sharing is already occurring with typefaces, templates and information, demonstrating the need for continued permeability in the design community.  I am excited to test the Brush Share prototype with users and iterate the the design.


I am not affiliated with
Adobe Systems Inc., though I hope to see this
feature implemented in the future.