Sketching, to me, is a form of meditation.

To be an observer of things, people, movement and objects provides a serenity that takes you away from the insanity and bustle of daily life.  At this point in time that relief is much needed.

The assignment was to finish 100 sketches in 3 days. That is a whole lot of drawing and “completely overwhelmed” is one way to put how I felt after receiving the assignment Monday morning. So we (the rest of my UX track and I) made the mad dash to the pier and began our sketching.

Funny enough, even as the phrase “100 Sketches” loomed over me, after sitting quietly sketching for a few minutes those unnerving thoughts and worries melted away into blissful oblivion. After about 15 sketches, I started noticing different details, subtle movements and surprising interests. I’d like to share ten of my favorite sketches: