Designing from Conception: Citeum


Discover your city's unique nooks & crannies through this interactive audio guide.


Design a mobile (native) application from conception to pixel-perfect visual mockups.


2 weeks

the idea

Citeum originally started out as an app purely for museum audio tours.

The idea was to streamline the museum experience by removing the need for an additional, bulky item to carry around and to offer access to information on art and artists.

After mulling over the concept, I decided to think bigger: each city is a museum with its architecture, historical events and hidden gems - hence, Citeum. 

concept page


the task

The wireframes that I created provided me with a base flow and the general appearance of the application. From here, I focused on designing Citeum for the affluent consumer. This included branding, content and interface design. 

The result


Hi-Fi visual mockups of the main flow.

1: Launch - Main Map - Expanded List View

2: Sample Locked Spot 01 - Sample Locked Spot 02 - Pay for Locked Spot

3: Guided to Spot - User Created Audio Tour - View Comments - Post Comment