Musings: Time & Déjà Vu

I had a déjà vu experience last week. As you’ve all probably experienced this phenomena, you may understand the unnerving effect these moments have on us, but it soon passes. So why discuss this particular moment further? I’ve never had prior memory of a déjà vu experience before having the actual experience. In this case, I distinctly remember waking up from a dream, several months prior, of that exact scenario and thinking it odd that I would be dreaming of these people and events that I’ve never taken part in. Unlike other dreams, this dream felt immensely real. In all sense of the word, the dream was a memory - of which I had no actual memory of.


So when the event came to pass, it got me thinking about the concept of time and our perception of it. How is it that time is linear and yet we have experiences like these? I’m no physicist so I don’t have the specifics on how the space-time continuum works, but I’m fairly sure it states that time moves in a linear fashion. Though I suppose we can’t account for the  many different dimensions of space that we aren’t aware of. It’s possible that different spacial dimensions have either entirely separate time rules or are in different places in the linear timeline. And it is possible that those dimensions overlap with our own perception of reality. 


But how are we able to perceive the overlaps in these timelines? Maybe these other dimensions are blips on the edge of our consciousness, and every so often they’re able to get through. I’m not sure. These are just thoughts and questions that I'd be interested in getting answers to.  

Cindy KongComment