Kids! School Lunch

Aqua Terra Culinary Inc. 


During my time at iiD, I worked with a number of clients one of which was Aqua Terra Culinary Inc. AquaTerra is a company focused on providing farm-to-table, sustainable eats through its restaurants and catering services.  Their catering service, Kids! School Lunches, provides healthy meals to children through partnerships with schools throughout California and Colorado.

This project consists of three different components for their lunch program: a comprehensive website, a mobile application, and a complete redesign of the back end website for Aqua Terra administrators to be able to manage the meal plans. 

1. Website: Consumer Facing

2. Mobile Application: iOS

3. Website: Internal

Timeframe: 4 months


I lead the mobile portion of the project which serves as a quick access option to the online ordering system on the website.

Let's go over the my process. 


Competitive Analysis & Research

I began with a comprehensive study of other meal ordering applications like Munchery, and calendar applications such as Sunrise and Google Calendar.