HelloFresh is a weekly service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door.


Perform a guerilla usability test on HelloFresh’s web platform to determine if users can find pertinent information about the service and if users can order the service.

My Role

UX Team of One
Create a usability test script
Recruit participants
Interview participants
Consolidate and synthesize data
Offer design suggestions based on research


1 week

Usability Tasks

1. Research the service
2. Find out if the user's city is deliverable
3. Order the service

Design Suggestions

Based off of the collected data, I made suggestions on three pain points where users had the most difficulty: Ordering Service, Finding Deliverable Areas, and the Call to Action. 


Ordering Service

The Problem

Users had difficulty navigating to the order screen without directive to do so on the navigation bar.


Proposed Solution

There are two underlying causes of confusion: 
1. The Call to Action is misleading - "Our Boxes" will lead users to the order page
2. The placement of the link on the navigation bar doesn't draw attention to the recommended action

To address this pain point, I recommend that "Our Boxes" be renamed to "Order Now" and for the link to be set apart from the informational links.

Blue Apron example:



Finding Deliverable Areas

The Problem

Users were unable to concretely determine if Hello Fresh was able to deliver to the specified city. The Delivery Areas page lacked a clickable map or list, so users weren't sure if the service was available to them.

Proposed Solution

Implement a zip code or an area search feature that would allow users to determine deliverability with certainty.


Call to Action

The Problem

Users were confused by two separate buttons on the homepage with the same misleading call to action text. "View Boxes" implies that users will land on a page that shows the ingredients included in the box, but instead they are directed to the order page. 

Proposed Solution

Change the verbiage on the calls to action to more accurately reflect the flow and rearrange the flow so that users can easily browse directly from the homepage. The first button can state "Order Now" and direct users to the order page, and the second button can say "View Our Recipes" and direct users to the recipes page.